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Puzzle Pieces for Chore Chart

Puzzle Pieces for Chore Chart

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Extra puzzle pieces for the chore chart round puzzle.

When purchasing, before going to checkout, in your cart, adjust the quantity for the number of puzzle piece that you need and in the "Order special Instructions" section enter the number that corresponds to the icon you want and how many of each.

1-Pick up clothes
2-Do your laundry
3-Fold your clothes
4-Wash the dishes
5-Mop the floor
6-Make your bed
7-Pack your backpack
8-Turn on robot vac
9-Vaccum the floor
10-Mow the lawn
11-Take out trash
12-Water the plants
13-Save your money
14-Eat healthy
15-No arguing
16-Clean toys outside
17-Homework is done
18-Buy groceries
19-Listen to music
20-Help with dinner
21-Make breakfast
22-Dishwasher loading
23-Clean kitty litter
24-Pick up legos
25-Wash your hands
26-Brush your teeth
27-Floss your teeth
28-Take a bath
29-Wash the car
30-Eat some fruit
31-Laugh out loud
32-Clean the table
33-Pack your lunch
34-Hug your parents
35-Put toys away
36-Check the mail
37-Clean the windows
38-Take a shower
39-Make someone laugh
40-Pet the cat
41-Be active
42-Read a book
43-feed the dog
44-Walk the dog
45-Bathe the dog
46-Play outside
47-Weed the garden
48-Feed the cat
49-Brush your hair
50-Clean the table
51-Clean bathroom
53-Clean your room
54-Make dinner
55-Get dressed/Get pj's on
57-Tidy living room
58-Clean patio
59-Close sun umbrella
60-Clean office
61-Don't scream
62-Be nice
63-Be helpful


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